Frequently Asked Questions

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I've never had extensions before, what can I expect?

You can expect to be Just Beautiful! You will also be given a personal consultation by a licensed stylist or extensionist to advise you on the best technique for your hair texture and desired look. Please arrive to the salon with your hair shampooed and blow-dried or we will be more than happy to perform these services for an additional fee.

Do I need an appointment?

Although appointments are recommended, they are not necessary. We accept walk-ins and have both extensionists and stylists available specifically for walk-in clients. However, you may experience a longer wait time without a scheduled appointment.

How long will it take to apply my extensions?

The amount of time to apply the hair extensions will differ per technique. On average, clients should anticipate to spend 2-3 hours in the salon for basic package services. Please keep in mind that adding additional services to basic packages (i.e. detailed cut, curls, extra hair…) will also add additional time to your appointment.

Can I make an appointment with a particular stylist or extensionist?

You are able to make an appointment with a particular stylist or extensionist or you may request a stylist once you arrive for your appointment. Stylist who are booked for appointments may not be available to accommodate walk-in requests.

My hair is thinning, what kind of extensions do you recommend?

We recommend clients with thinning hair receive a consultation prior to being serviced, in order to determine the best option for their hair condition.

Why are nets used and what is the benefit?

Nets are used on the Just Pretty, the braided sew-in method. Nets are used for clients with thinning hair to help create application space where the natural hair is thin. Nets also help to protect the client’s natural hair.

After my extensions are applied, can I come back to get it styled?

Yes, we offer a regular package, which includes a shampoo, conditioner and style for hair extensions at $60.

Do you sell hair on-site?

Choosing the right color and texture that matches your natural hair is the key to natural looking extensions.

Will my extensions look natural?

Yes. You can shop our exclusive hair extension line, Just Hair online now. Click Here.

Will the extensions be too heavy for my own hair underneath?

Your skilled extensionists are trained to balance the weight of your natural hair and the extensions. By taking the proper portion of your hair and adding extensions of equal weight, your hair extensions will look completely natural.

What if I do not like my hair extensions?

In the rare occasion that a client is unhappy with their hair, the client must notify the salon manager BEFORE leaving the salon. The client then has the option of having the issue corrected or removed completely. If a client would like to have their extensions removed, the client will be charged an extensions removal fee.

What is considered a blend and flat iron?

A blend and flat iron is performed by a licensed stylist, who creates a seamless look with the client’s natural hair and hair extensions, by using a flat iron. A blend and flat iron is included with each package and does not include any layering or feathering.

What is considered a cut?

A licensed stylist will create the cut of the clients choice including, layers, feathers, shaping around the face, chinese bangs, swoop bangs, or a bob cut.

What types of closures do you offer?

We offer a standard closure, a lace front closure, and an invisible part. Our Just Pretty Full package includes any closure of your choice.

Do you offer parking?

Yes, for our clients convenience, we offer valet parking next door at Ca’Brea Restaurant for $5. There is also street parking available.

Will extensions damage my hair?

When extensions are applied properly, they normally do not cause damage on your natural hair. However, this does not mean that all hair textures are ideal for hair extensions, therefore we recommend a consultation with one of our knowledgeable extensionists/stylists. It is also equally important to properly take care of your natural hair in between extension applications. Be sure to treat your hair with conditioning treatments and regular trims on your natural hair to promote healthy hair growth.